Thanks to all who took the time to do the test. The following are the answers with the references to explain. The scoring system is at end of test answers. May the Lord continue you guide into all truth (John 16:13)

1) When Christ gathers all nations to Himself as spoken of in Matt. 25:31-34, 41, He will –

a — Be sitting on clouds
b – Be sitting on His throne invisibly
c – Destroy the wicked by the brightness of His coming

Answer- B (Sym.Code, vol. 4, no.10-12, p.6)

2) Fill in the blank. “There must be no spirit of ___________ cherished among us.”

a – Pharisaism
b – Anti- Christ
c – Laodiceanism

Answer – A (Testimonies to Ministers, p.107)

3) The term, “Ephraim,” is synonymous with –

a – Judah
b – Israel
c – All 12 tribes

Answer– B ( Sym.Code, vol. 1, p.8)

4) The terms grass, wheat, or corn are employed to designate –

a – Different portions of latter-day truth
b – General term for spiritual food
c – People in the latter days

Answer – C (Tract 14, p.39)

5) Where in the Rod message does it say the following about the Elijah to come — “the message and the messenger here mentioned are the very last” –

a – SRod, vol. 1
b – Jezreel Letter
c – Fundamental Beliefs

Answer – B (Jezreel Letter, no. 9, p.1)

6) David’s victory over the giant Goliath represents –

a – The church’s victory in the time of trouble such as never was
b – God’s elect over Satan
c – Present Truth believers over Laodiceans

Answer – A (Tract 8, p.58)

7) We as Present Truth believers know there are 5 official Answerer volumes. How many disputed ones are there?

a – Three (no. 6, 7, 8)
b – Two (no. 6 and 7)
c – One (no. 6)

Answer – B (Well known SRod history)

8) In chronological order, the events of the 7th chapter of Revelation, according to the message, is –

a – Not necessarily to follow the events of the 6th chapter or precede the events of the 8th chapter
b – To precede the 8th chapter in order of events but not to follow the 6th chapter of events
c – After the events of the 6th chapter and before the events of the 8th chapter ( it is as chronologically shown 6th to 8th chapter).

Answer –A (Answerer, vol. 2, Q-36)

9) True or False: The US embassy relocation to Jerusalem is a fulfillment of Dan. 11:45.

Answer. False,   Tract 12, p.87-90

10) Complete the following statement; to be sealed one must __ and ___ for ___ ___ _______ being done in the church.

Answer. Sigh, Cry, all the abominations. Ezek. 9:4

11) True or False: The Judgment for the living and sealing began with the arrival of the message in 1929.

Answer: False: Tract 3, p. 42,43

12) True or False: The chariot of Ezekiel 1 visits the earth just before the slaughter of the hypocritical in the church.

Answer: True: Tract 3  p.46,47

13) True of False: The Butter and Honey symbolize good literal food by which Christ was able to discern evil from good.

Answer: False: Tract 6  p.28

14) Which of the following institutions was not established at old Mt. Carmel Center?

a. A health center
b. a rest home
c. a school for the youth
d. A dairy farm
e. All of the above were established at old Mt. Carmel

Answer:   E: See Tract 13 — Historical Section

15) True or False: The close of probation will begin the time when Communist or Communist like forces will take over the world.

Answer: True:  2 Timely Greetings no.41 p.17

16) True or False: The book of the Seven seals is in reality the book of the Revelation.

Answer: True:  2 Timely Greetings  no.12  p.25

17) According to the message what day of the week will Jesus return?

A – Weds.
B – Thurs.
C – Fri.

Answer – A (2 SR, p.255)

18) The 7 last plagues will take place in how many days?

A – 1 year
B – 7 months
C – 15 months

Answer – C (2 SR, p.252)

19) What does the color scarlet mean in Rev. 17?

A – Sin
B – Curse
C – Death

Answer – B (2 SR, p.112)

20) Our Diet should consist of following?

A – 40% Grain, 60% Vegs and Fruits
B – 20% Grain, 80% Vegs and Fruits
C – 50% Grain, 50% Vegs and Fruits

Answer – B (Entering Wedge, p.29,30)

21) The 12th hour in Matthew 20 represents what?

A – End of probation
B – Darkness of the earth
C – Last probationary call

Answer – A (White House Recruiter, p.15)

22) What does the name “Davidian” derive from? Explain —

Answer- (Leviticus Tract, p.3)

23) According to antediluvian monthly calendar, how many days are in a month according to God’s word?

A – 31
B – 29
C – 30

Answer – C ( 2 SR, p.248)

24) Who is thought to invented Peanut Butter as a commercial usage according to the message?

A – George Carver
B – George Washington
C –Thomas Edison

Answer A (Answerer, vol. 5, p.19)


Scoring —

10 or less correct —  Time to hit the books as they say. Need much more study

11 to 14 —  Making some progress but still need to buckle down and study

15 to 19 — You’re doing ok. Got a fairly good handle on things. Keep studying

20 to 24 — You’re really advancing well. Nice work!

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