Is the World ready for the 666 man?

As the world reels from a staggering shaking, the last gasp power struggle by the New World order globalists, a momentous time is now being witnessed. There is a man named Tom Zimmer, who had lived in Italy and predicted back in 1983 that “Donald Trump will lead America back to God”. The following first video gives interesting details of this “holy man” as some call him, and how he accurately predicted that President Trump would fulfill an important role in the world someday.

Well, that day has come and he has been proven right to a certain degree, though it remains to see the full fulfillment. As to the idea that people will get back to God by DT, well that is another whole different story. In the 2nd video, it provides more clarity about what some think will fully play out with President Trump. Watch these two videos and see how they complement each other. As we said in our last post –strap in your seatbelts we are about to go into Bible prophecy fulfillments.

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