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Who Is “the King of the North” Today? | Watchtower Study

One of our most favorite topics is the King of the North as talked about in Daniel 11. Usually, most Bible students have their favorite topics or doctrines. The subject of the King of the North (KON) is very deep with interesting twists and turns, not to mention great historical information on the succession of the Kings of the North down through time. In this report, we’ll look at it from another angle, and try to make the topic more clear and understandable. One of the reasons we want to do this is because unfortunately this subject is often misunderstood even among us present truth believers!

Last report we spoke of the great Globalist plan of a “New World Order”. And as we showed, the power that now controls the Holy Land also happens to be the head of the current Globalist empire. In other words, we are blessed to be able to see the prophetic scroll clearer and the events unfold more clearly because time has elapsed. The message gives us great advice along this line —


(Subject: Nahum’s War Prophecy)

Time and chance are still the most trustworthy witnesses, as well as the best disclosers of mysteries. They now give the answers to the questions: Which one of the nations is “Assyria” of today?  Who is “he that dasheth in pieces”?  When does the clash of these two mortal enemies take place (p.47.)?

Now that considerable time has passed since this tract came off the press (4 years), and since many important events have shaped themselves to maturity since then, our readers of advancing Truth are doubtless now in a more favorable position to see the  truth even more clearly and more realistically than before.  Hence, for the benefit of all,  we are adding these paragraphs.  They express the Tract’s view on the subject as time and events are now able to exhibit.” (Tract 14, p.51)

This “Time and chance solve mysteries” truth is undoubtedly applicable to the King of the North subject. Time has passed since the light on the KON had come through our last prophet, as well as events unfolding. Let us now delve into our subject.

To begin, it is helpful to remind us just what identifies the King of the North, how can we tell who he is?

First, a brief line of succession is in order. Here is the historical transfer to the KONs.

“After the dividing of Alexander’s dominion, Egypt and Palestine were, as previously seen, ruled first, by the Ptolemies; second, by Pagan Rome (Dan. 11:15, 16); third, by the Dan. 11:22); and fourth, again by the Christians — specifically by Great Britain (Dan. 11:41).

    These are the only historically and prophetically recorded supersessions involving the ancient lands of Egypt and Palestine.“(Tract 12, p.86)

Now we get to the identifying key —

The surrendering of these countries, by one prophetic king to the other, unmistakably identifies “the king of the north” and “the king of the south” from the time of the dividing of Alexander’s empire to the present time, and leaves no room for doubt or for argument …(Tract 12, p.87)

Ok, we are firmly grounded in knowing who the KON is — the one who controls the Holy Land. So this simple yet powerful key enables us to know exactly who the King of the North today, right now. Inspiration told us through the prophetic lens into the future, a statment that we can check upon to see if it applies right now.

Since those who asked the questions agree with us that we are now living in the “time of the end,” we need not say more concerning that phase of the subject, but we do need to have them tell us which power at this particular time, in the time of the end, has added “the glorious land” (Palestine), Egypt, and other countries to his empire.  The answer that anyone can give is that Great Britain took these from Turkey and has virtually ruled them ever since.
Plainly then, during the time of the end Great Britain is the king of the north and Turkey is the king of the south.”(1 TG, No. 4, p.22)

But the Rod advised us to keep track of the situation —

“Dan. 11:45 — “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

   The only portion of Daniel 11 yet to be fulfilled is this verse, the last of the chapter, and since these prophecies are made to be understood only when they are being fulfilled or after fulfillment, verse 45 is not as clear as we should like to have it.  Consequently concerning the place of his tabernacles and his end, also as to whether another Christian power shall inherit the title “king of the north” before verse 45 is fulfilled, only time itself will positively portray the whole truth.” (2 TG, no.42, p.27)

So at time of the Rod’s declaration, Great Britian was the King of the North. The other Christian nations as well, but the predominant “king” was GB. We have well documented that the leader of GB is undeniably the Rothschilds. Since 1917 Balfour declaration GB , through the Rothschilds, has had a direct controlling influence over the Holy Land.

Now our question then logically is — Has GB given up this kingship to another country or entity since the Rod’s declaration in the 1948 Timely Greetings publication? As many know there is a prominent teaching among present truth believers that USA is now the KON. But that teaching is not well-grounded for many reasons.

What proof can we provide that there was a transfer from GB to the USA, as to “control” over the Holy Land? There is none. Nothing shows either governmental or political control of that nation. But an advising role? Yes. A co-partner in many military, technology, and business areas? Yes. But controlling the Holy Land now? No.

For example, the USA (particularly under the Obama administration) was staunchly against Israel’s current land building upon Palestine land. But the government of Israel did what it wanted regardless. It also has and continues to bomb Syria at its own discretion when it thinks it has a reason. There are many other examples showing that the USA is not in governmental control there.

Remember the Globalists had Syria down as one of the middle east countries it would take over, until Russia intervened. But because they control Israel, they are attempting to try that incursion into Syria. The ol tried and true lie (like Saddam) –“the Iranians are about to harm us with their military installations in Syria” baloney is the perfect excuse to do their bombing. But do we think Russia will sit idly by and watch all their hard work go to waste? Iran is also fed up with Israel’s Zionist government, but nevertheless Israel continues to be the instigator in the region.

So the USA at this time remains exactly what the Rod said of her —

The statement, “He shall come to his end and none shall help him,” implies that someone has been helping him, and the world knows that it has been the United States of America.  We therefore, find ourselves living in between verses 44, and 45 of Daniel eleven.” (1 TG, no. 4, p.24)

“The statement, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him,” shows that he has previously been helped by some other power, and that he will not continue long thereafter, and most likely means that his ecclesiasticism will be overthrown by the horns of the scarlet-colored beast (Rev. 17:16).” (12 Tract, p.89-90)

So rather than being the KON, USA was and remains the “helper” of the KON. Therefore, she cannot be the KON and helper all in one. Until we can prove some other nation, power , or entity has taken control of the Holy Land — IT MUST REMAIN GREAT BRITAIN.

Granted this control is not openly visible today, but when one studies the Zionist movement (who has the governmental political power) you will find it leading straight back to the current KON, the GB-led Rothschild’s empire.

But once we establish this, then a unique twist comes into the equation that we must deal with and it is found in the SOP publication “A Word to the Little Flock”.

“The Spirit of Prophecy also states that the “King of the North” brought to view in Daniel 11:45, and the two-horned beast of Revelation 13, is the same power and that it shall bear this mystical number 666.  We quote: “This power is the last that treads down the true church of God: and as the true church is still trodden down, and cast out by all Christendom, it follows that the last oppressive power has not ‘come to his end’; and Michael has not stood up.  This last power that treads down the saints is brought to view in Rev. 13:11-18. His number is 666. “A Word to the Little Flock,” pp. 8, 9. (SRod, vol.2, p.151)

Two facts stand out here. First, this SOP quote discussed by the prophet in the original Shepherd’s Rod series was in 1932, and as such the prophetic Scroll had not unrolled much as the Rod publications were just beginning. This SOP light was all we had at that time and so it was naturally relied upon. But does that mean it is false and now cannot be the truth? Absolutely not. We must find a way to harmonize it as counsel advises.

So how can we harmonize the SOP understanding with the later Rod understanding? In other words, how is the KON to be changed from Great Britain (Rothschilds) to United States, the two-horned beast in the future as SOP says? There can be no other explanation than the well-known Bible principle called “double application”. Verse 45 of Daniel 11, therefore must have a double fulfillment for this all to harmonize. Time and chance has allowed us to see this more clearly now that the Scroll has unrolled since earlier times.

The message states —

“ is necessary now that the minds of God’s people should be opened to understand the Scriptures. To say that a passage means just this and nothing more, that you must not attach any broader meaning to the words of Christ than we have in the past, is saying that which is not actuated by the Spirit of God.” (Review and Herald, Oct. 21, 1890)

“Let us remember always to observe the inviolable rule that an interpretation of one inspired statement must harmonize with all other related statements.” (3 Ans, Q-56)

There are several examples of double applications in the Rod such as —

1) Amos 1:2 as close of probation to both the Church and the world symbolized by the withering of Carmel.
2) Zech 14:3-5, the Lord’s feet standing on the Mt. of Olives (Rod pre-Millennial and SOP post-Millennial)
3) Judgment of the Dead (JOD) (1844 to the JOL upon Ezek. 9 and JOD during the millennial kingdom in heaven)
4) Wave Sheaf and Wave loaves ( to the dead-first risen and to the living who never die)

Now, because the last transfer GB to the USA is in the future and we don’t have any prophetic understanding of the details of this, it’s best we wait for that unrolling of the scroll, then “time and chance” will once again allow us to view the situation in perfect 20/20 vision.

Perhaps the greatest quandry we have in understanding how the USA , as the KON, can “control” the Holy land is when the saints of the Most High are there occupying it for the final headquarters of the Gospel (Micah 4:1-3, Isaiah 2:1-3). Remember Inspiration tells us that control of the Holy Land is the determining factor in identifying the KON.

The Lord through His saints will then control it. So the only idea that comes to mind is that this last KON (USA) has a waiver of this requirement. We know that the message tells us he shall “plant the tabernacles of his palace” somewhere in the area (not in Jerusalem), so that will be completed by the USA somehow. Dueling headquarters it seems in the final battle for the souls of mankind!

Regarding this planting of the tabernacle we read —

   “As to his planting his tabernacles in the glorious holy mountain, it is not too clear, for planting the tabernacles of his palace before he comes to his end does not necessarily mean moving his throne there.  It could be taken to mean having a branch of his palace there.  If he is to plant his tabernacles there while Michael stands up, though, then the only locality other than the Holy Land that we know of, is at Mount Sinai, between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. (2 TG, no. 7, p.9)

Map of St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt. | Egypt map, Saint  catherine's monastery, St catherine

The box area is where it is held that Mt. Sinai was located and the Biblical noted area. So we see that this tabernacle would not necessarily be in the Holy Land, but not far away either. This brings us to another point, GB as far as we can see now has no plans to develop any headquarters of any type there. But, it does make much more sense that the USA (666 man, two-horned Beast), along with the widely influential false prophet, upon doing their global Sunday worship religious work, would counter the great Holy Land movement by picking a significant Bible location like Mt. Sinai.

That is why all the actions described in verse 45 make much more sense in the understanding of two different KON’s at two different times, both coming to their end at the right time. GB controlling the Holy land until the saints come in, and the USA establishing the KON tabernacle at the very end. Both complete the picture!

But ONLY time and chance will reveal it all.

Summary —
There is a preponderance of evidence that the current KON is GB (led by the GB based Rothschild banking empire). The “coming to his end” is applicable to the current KON and also to the “last” KON. We know the current Globalist plan for world domination will come crumbling down once the prophetic war of Zech. 14:1-10 takes place. However, the KON will then transfer to the USA, and then just as GB KON came to its end , so too will the USA KON. The final victory will be the Lord’s! Our job right now is to work towards the great final kingdom, teaching the truth as seen by the Word and unfolding of events through time and chance. The beginning of our kingdom, as His Word promises, is to be based in the Holy Land — God’s Land!

For the KON historical successions see this tract —

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