The Gift of Teaching

The Spiritual Gift of Teaching
Our King gave us the counsel of what He would do in regards to “gifts”. Let us read —

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
(1 Peter 4:10)

Do we realize what our gift(s) are? Have we really been able to recognize them? This, it would seem, is one of the most basic fundamentals of the Spirit of God.

Recently we had a most lively discussion of the gift of teaching with our Facebook present truth site called –Truth Tellers. It seemed that there were two distinct camps of believers. One aside basically said that “man” is the one who bestows this gift or put another way — learned knowledge upon the teacher, and this enables him to preach the final message of Elijah.

The others said, wait, let’s see what the final message of the Lord’s Elijah says here. This topic of teaching is addressed within the final message, let’s look at it.

In 1944 the final prophet to our SDA church, brother Houteff published a clear and powerful counsel, as he quoted SOP , let us read —

“Let me tell you,” continues the Spirit of Prophecy, “if your heart is in this work, and you have faith in God, you need not depend upon the sanction of any minister or any people: if you go right to work in the name of the Lord, in a humble way doing what you can to teach the truth, God will vindicate you. If the work had not been so restricted by an impediment here, and an impediment there, and on the other side an impediment, it would have gone forward in its majesty. It would have gone in weakness at first; but the God of heaven lives.” — Review and Herald, April 16, 1901. (See also Testimonies, Vol. 7, p. 25.) (Fundamental Beliefs Tract, p.25)

The above should be clear, right? Not so fast! Satan and his agents (those who are hooked on falsehood) see the above and they say “You see what you see? That really doesn’t mean that.” The Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) describes this situation perfectly —

“The truths most plainly revealed in the Bible have been involved in doubt and darkness by learned men, who, with a pretense of great wisdom, teach that the Scriptures have a mystical, a secret, spiritual meaning not apparent in the language employed. These men are false teachers. It was to such a class that Jesus declared: “Ye know not the Scriptures, neither the power of God.” (Great Controversy, p.598)

Although she mentions Scripture here, the same principle would apply to ALL inspiration. So logically Satan would not stop just with the Scriptures. He would carry this Satanic rule on through to all the Lord’s messages to His people. He knows his time is short. He thus applies deceptive teachings to this teaching issue. For why would he sit idly back and allow gifted teachers, those God has bestowed this gift upon –to teach?

Let us read an example of his handy work. This is found in the controversial Florence Houteff published symbolic new codes. For those not familiar with her, she was the wife of Victor Houteff. She decided to take control of the movement after he died (Feb. 5, 1955). She soon began to make her own prophecies through what is termed “new codes”, a publication sent out to Davidian SDA and also SDA at that time. She claimed that in 1959 the predicted Bible prophecy of the 42 months as spoken in Revelation 11 and 13 would be fulfilled by April 22, 1959. Of course, it failed badly and left a big and nasty mark upon the message of Elijah. The SDA church leaders, began to ridicule this message that brother Houteff brought, thinking “he” made it when in fact he had nothing to do with it. Could we expect anything else from the great adversary?

Here is the code she relied upon, and those hooked in error do as well, even today!

“Many have asked who is eligible to lead in the service of the work?  The answer that goes out from Mt. Carmel is that anyone not holding a Certificate of Fellowship cannot be a Davidian teacher.  He can listen only.  Yet just the granting of a Certificate of Fellowship is a cheap thing.  That in itself would have no significance.  Who receives the Certificate? — Those who have personally studied all the Message and believe It; those overcoming temptation; those complying with all the requirements; those who put their treasure where moth and thieves cannot enter; those who keep all the commandments; those who are not flesh-eaters, drunkards, or tobacco users; those who do not rob God of tithes and offerings. (SC, vol. 11, no.3, p.10-11)

So in our recent discussion, one side uses the above as an argument to justify that “man” gives the permission to teach, the other side says God is the one that gives permission. To be sure, learned knowledge is certainly a blessing and we all should strive to learn more. Whether by self or by men of experience, as the case may be. But, to say “only” those who have been taught of man, given permission by man or a group of men, can teach the final message of Elijah is making a mockery of the Lord’s process of bestowing gifts to His people.

Satan is crafty brethren, let us not take our eye off the ball, he will use any and all deceptions to prevent us from making the Lord’s kingdom! We always are well grounded when we make the Lord’s Word– The Bible our standard.

 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” (John 16:13)

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