Present Truth Questions

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“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Tim. 2:15)

We’d like to present 20 questions that will help gauge the level of knowledge one has on various present truth subjects. Next week we’ll present the answers. Enjoy.

1) According to the Elijah message what are the three categories of disease?

a) Obesity, viral, mal-nutrition  b) Hereditary, communicative, and self-created  c) Gluttony, wrong food combinations, over eating of sugar

2) Who represents Modern Assyria?

a) Modern Babylon (Religious confusion and sects  b) United States c) English-speaking Christian world

3) What three movements typifies every phase of our work as Elijah messengers?

a) Zechariah’s, Moses’, and Noah’s  b) Abraham’s, David’s, John the Baptist’s  c) Jeremiah’s, Ezekiel’s, Isaiah’s

4) Name the five groups of saints that will be in the Kingdom?


5) Where is the following reference said in the message?

“Such a combination of circumstances will result in a replication of the international church-and-state rule of the Middle Ages, and will relegate to the scrap heap the world’s finest instrument of human liberty — the divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America.”

a) Great Controversy  b) Tract  c) Jezreel Letter

6) What number is the Bible connected to?

a) 3 (Father , Son, and Holy Spirit)  b) 5 (Five time messages in the Scriptures)   c) 7 ( The complete word of God)

7) How many regimes does the “king of the North” have in history (found in the book of Daniel)?

a) 4   b) 7   c) 5

8) In Isaiah 60:1-3 we read– “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the glory of the LORD rises and appears over you. All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see your radiance.” What prophetic time is this describing?

a) After the Lord’s resurrection  b) The pre-Ezekiel 9 time of “Jacob’s trouble”   c) In the Loud cry

9) Right now the Chariot of Ezekiel 1 is being used as–

a) A Prayer center b) A base of Operations c) A marking station

10) Satan works through ____________ to control the people

a) Ministers b) The General Conference c) Lukewarm SDA members

11) The word “to pass under the Rod” means

a) To learn the message b) To make a covenant with God c) To separate His elect from the multitude

12) Many “honest souls” would welcome the sealing message if they did not –

a) Lack backbone and zeal to resist opposition  b) Ignore Bible studies of present truth  c) stop reading the Scriptures daily

13) As Nineveh was spared by the message to it, also the Laodiceans are saved by—

a) Zealous church membership  b) Evangelism to the world  c) A message to the Laodiceans

14) In what book describes Jesus’ traveling from His throne to the Father’s throne in heaven?

a) Early Writings  b) Jezreel Letters  c) Revelation

15) In Isaiah 55:1 what does the word “buy” the wine and milk mean?

a) Pay with some money , however little to help support the workers in the vineyard  b) Agree to pay the Lord some day in devotion  c) Give something in trade for it

16) In Isaiah 64:1 it says “..they shall build the old wastes..” Who is “they”?

a) Those who make it to the kingdom in the latter days  b) the 144,000  c) The believers since 1844

17) The term “Laodicea” means–

a) Refers to the last section of the church to be commingled with wheat and tares b) Is a Greek term meaning “people declaring judgment” c) Signifies the mission of the last section of the church

18) The purpose of the scene in Rev. 5 is to –

a) Open the book with the seven seals  b) Bring about the new world order  c) Announce the beginning of Armageddon

19) According to the Elijah message what is man’s greatest test?

a) The decision to stand for present truth  b) The temptation of diet  c) Whether to sigh and cry for abominations done in our life and the church

2o) If God’s storehouse is not doing all things right according to our perceptions, the messages tells us–

a) Make your complaint and if the organization does not correct it, send it to where you feel is best  b) Withdraw from Tithing and use the money for your own personal ministry  c) Continue to Tithe, knowing that you are being judged for what you do and they will be judged for what they do


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