Should we be protectors of His Law?

For many His great moral Law still stands today (10 commandments). Yet, so often we think of ourselves obeying them and NOT looking at others obeying or dis-obeying them. In  (proverbs 7:12) we read ” my son, keep my words and store up my commandments within you, keep my commandments and you will live, GUARD my teachings as the apple of your eye” In reading this I believe we should be aware that the key word in this verse is “guard”. If we see people trampling His Law right before our eyes, would it be “guarding” His Law if we remain  silent?

 For many years I have done appliance sales and repair. I have done many “service” calls. Occasionally I will go to a customers house and commence to do the repair. As I work they will sometimes stand and watch and we’ll talk. After I’ve found the problem and let them know they sometimes said “well G.D. I didn’t know that” or “J.C that’s amazing” or some such words that take the Lord’s name in vain. I will  “guard” my Lord’s commandments (in this case No. 3 “Thou shalll not take the name of the Lord your God in vain”) I will say “you know it’s better for you to say “Gosh darn or Jeepers creepers” Most of the time they’ll politely say “oh, your right” or “ok”. Although I did have one older man who, after I corrected him quite clearly,  he CONTINUED to say GD this and that.  At that point it was on him and him alone!  The point is that if we DON”T correct them I believe it is as if WE are also saying the profane words. We will have this sin on us because we remained silent and by our silence we “accepted” their misuse of our Lord’s  name.

We may also be working with a co-worker and they may grab some office stationary or pens or whatever (not belonging to them) and put it away for themselves to take home. It should be our responsiblity to “correct” them and gently tell them “now, put that back”.(commandment no.8 “thou shall not steal”) Always with a smile ofcourse.

The more you protect  His holy Laws, the more you’ll be blessed by God. And to show our brothers and sisters God’s holy rules for living, that they may “know” how wrong it is to trespass His Law.

4 Responses to “Should we be protectors of His Law?”

  1. Todd Says:

    Those are definitely some touchy situations. It’s always hard to know exactly what to say and how to approach each person and each circumstance, since they are all different and the Spirit is working on them all in different ways.

    IMO this is where “the rubber meets the road” in the Christian walk. So many people, like me, claim to know so much about the Bible and various doctrines but do not keep their eyes constantly on Christ throughout their day and do not “guard” His teachings when around non-believers…or sometimes even believers for that matter.

    A while back I had an idea for my blog where I wanted to get a bunch of Adventist/Christian bloggers together and start blogging our day-to-day experiences in sharing the Gospel with the people that fill our lives…coworkers, schoolmates, family, etc.

    I wanted to create a network of soldiers for Christ who could share our battle stories with each other…lifting each other up…offering prayers for one another. A real concentrated effort to reach out in a practical way instead of from a private study session like I am used to.

    Anyway…of course the idea fell through…which is my fault for not getting out there and starting the mission myself. I’ve always had such trouble talking about Jesus with those who do not believe. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I cannot help feel somewhat embarassed by putting my beliefs out there…like people might look down on me or something.

    It is an evil heart that would be ashamed of the Almighty God. And I know that ‘whoever denies Christ before men will be denied by Christ before the Father.’

    One of the many reasons I no longer consider myself a Christian.

    Anyway, I applaud your willingness to speak out for your God and Saviour. That’s what needs to be done. I’m still blessed to read your blog. Thank you.

    Anyway, gotta get back to work.


  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Todd, I find I kinda “automatically” guard His teachings. In the case of the breaking of #3, I use the standard “Better to say gosh darn or jeepers creepers”. As far as thinking you’re not a Christian, I think would not be that doubtful. We ALL need to grow and become more in spirit. After reading your blog info, I feel you are closer to God than you think. Prayer is the medicine you need I think. IF we “keep” His commandments He’ll reveal Himself to us. (John 14:21)”He that has my commandments and KEEPS them, he it is that LOVES me and shall be loved by Father, and I will LOVE him, and will REVEAL myself to him”

    So I think you’re very close to Him, as keeping His commandments causes us to be “well loved” by Him. You’ll only step “far” away from Christ if you STOP keeping them. Ofcourse the adversary who purpose is to get you to “Believe” you’re not good enough and then you make wrong “actions”.

    That’s a good idea about a network. The sharing would be GREAT! We need to share our testimony and even “how” to deal with dis-believers. I know personally I have “debated” many so-called “pastors” about the keeping of the commandments (particularly the Sabbath, the ONE that want to break) Most of the time they’ll bail after a week or two of hard core “truth” straight out of the Book they profess to believe in.

  3. Richard Says:

    Well, I also commend you for correcting people who break God’s commandments. However, we can’t expect the unsaved, those who haven’t become a new creation in Christ Jesus to speak and act as if they have been born of The Spirit. Speech is something that comes from the heart (Jesus taught it). And if the heart hasn’t been changed, the speech isn’t going to change ether. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. However, God can certainly use us when we correct someone in love.
    Thanks my brother!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, the “unsaved” are exactly that “unsaved”. In my work I meet all kinds of people on a daily basis. So if I hear them “break” the 3rd commandment, like I said, it’s good in God’s sight to “awake” them to this fact( and remove the guilt from me by my silence). They are SO USED to breaking it, that once I call attention to them about it, they are immediately awoken. And when I leave, what I said may reasonate within them to make them think again about doing this “serious” wrong. As doing repair work, that is what I am called to do, so I obviously can’t stop and go into all the aspects of being “saved” but what I do leave them with is the “thought” of doing right by God. Ofcourse if they open the door for further testimony I surely take advantage of that. Thanks for comments.

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