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Angels are working even now

April 3, 2010

It is truly amazing when I come across a story like the following! It shows God never sleeps and uses whatever means possible to get people into the fold of Christ. The following is about a brother in the church who experienced God’s divine hand in action. Told in his words. His name is Hubert Xavier.

My friends and I were relaxing after lunch one day in Grenada, an island in the Caribbean, when a man walked up to us. He pointed his finger at me and said, “The Lord has something for you to do”. Then he turned and walked into the busy marketplace .

We sat there trying to figure out WHAT had just happened. We searched for the man, but he was no where to be found. My friends laughed the incident off, but I thought about it alot. I went to church, but wasn’t close to God.

Then  one day a woman came into the store where I worked  and asked me, “Son, have you given your life to Christ yet?” I had never seen her before, and her comment took me by surpprise. “Lady, I’m preparing to do so,” I told her. She walked away, and when I searched for her a moment later, she had gone. No one else saw her. Could God be trying to tell me something?

I told a friend about the incidents, and he invited me to the Seventh day Adventist church’s Sunday evening Bible study service with him. I went and enjoyed it, so I decided to continue going. He invited me to attend worship on Sabbath morning, but I had to work. Finally I got up the courage to ask my boss for Saturday off so I could go to church.

As my friend and I studied the Bible together, and after attending evangelistic meetings, I became convinced that I had found God’s true church. I decided to become an Adventist. But my boss refused to give me Sabbaths off. My relatives urged me to just go to church Sunday, but I knew what I had to do. So I  quit .

I found temporary work and put my energies into working for God, but that didn’t feed me. One day there was no food in my house. I knelt and told God that I was hungry and begged for some food. A knock at the door interrupted my prayer. It was  a church  elder! ” I was passing by and felt impressed  to stop by and see how you are doing” He said. He gave me ten dollars and smiled. And so God provided .

Eventually I found work with a company where I don’t have  Sabbath problems. As I wait on customers, I tell them what God is doing in my life and invite them to try Jesus too. I’m planting seeds in their hearts and pray that God will make those seeds grow, just as he did in my life.  Hubert Xavier.

 Could they have been Angels? Very possibly. One thing is for sure God’s hand was invloved and in these last days such events will happen with more and more frequency. Just like God gave me several signs to point me in the right direction and to worship in the manner He has said. For if we walk righteously according to His ways and laws we will see and feel His presence. Amen.

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